Jack Lavery, a freshman at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, needed to make four shots to win $10,000.  It starts with a layup, then a free-throw, followed by a three-pointer, and finally it ends with a half-court shot.

Jake hit them all.

But, he's not getting $10,000.  Jake missed his first attempt at a half-court shot.  But, he still had time left on the shot clock.  The announcer encouraged him to continue.  So, he heaved a prayer as time expired and the shot banked in.

Jake was told that he wouldn't get $10,000 because the half-court make was on his second attempt.  Lavery and his father are requesting a copy of the contract he signed.  Jake's father, Bill, tells NBC Philadelphia, "We kind of feel a little let down. They made him believe he won after the shot. It's kind of frustrating."

Watch the video.

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